Thursday, September 24, 2009

You Know Me, I Dunno You

Im never sure whether understanding things becomes easier or plus difficile when you don't know the language. When you don't understand what the hell any word actually means besides Bonjour and Bonne Soiree, you don't have to worry about misinterpretations, saying too much, or too little. You are just simply left with interpreting people, their facial actions and reactions, their tonation, their body language which is more or less universal, and all les choses that arent given as much respect and attention when we are focusing on grammar usage, slang, and rhetoric, etc etc blah etc.

Maybe you can learn more without words....maybe, sometimes words just get in the way. Or, I could just be saying that because this language is fuckin hard.

Ive always been a bit afraid to write a blog, but then I told myself, hell.....if I can manage to make it a little funny, people will forgive that I cant write or spell very well. That is always reassuring. I cant promise you much, as a reader, but I will say that sometimes you will laugh, more often you will think I'm strange, and other times my words might just be unremarkable. But anywho, welcome to my journeys.

Its not my first adventure, nor will it be my last, but this is where I have chosen to begin my documentations. Just a little l'histoire about case I'm new to you or you are new to me:

Born: 1986. California. Northern. Slipped right out of Judith Marie Stein with, I'm sure, not a problem in the slightest. I would later continue on throughout my high school years, college, and straight up to the present with the same reputation. The first thing my father told me was to show my middle finger to grandma. Little has changed since.

The Early Blonde Years: Bowl cuts at their finest. My earliest memory would be eating my mom's See's candies at the birth of Shaina Marie Stein.

High School: typical, but more fun. Discovered my favorite recreational activity was dancing around my bedroom to bad songs. The first: Dawson's Creek Theme. Two Words, one inspiration: Paula Cole.

College: Atypical. New York City. I learned I didn't give a shit. Polka-dotted pajamas on a Tuesday night never met a bar they didn't like. I soon learned that what I began as dancing in the early blonde years, my college friends would re-coin as semi-dangerous flailing. I didn't sleep for two years and then slept for two straight. Balance at its finest.

Recent Years: Lived on a Communal Sustainable Farm/Building Community in rural Costa Rica for about 4 months. Two naked sushi nights and peanut butter tug-o-war later, it changed the way I thought about people and hot water showers. Back to California. Joined yoga and changed the way I thought about 105 degree rooms. Back to New York. Regressed here and changed the way I thought about life. On to Paris and I guess thats where we are.

Please read. Please comment. Please remember laughter lowers your blood pressure. Please, please...wrap it up.


  1. You sound much cooler on paper than you are in real life...and I can't decide if you just don't know how to spell some words or if that's french? ;) I'm quite excited about this little blog of yours should know that this is the first blog I have ever subscribed to, I feel very hip. Can't wait to live vicariously through your stories and adventures! Can't wait to come visit for spring break! Dance your little heart out!


  2. You're in my Google reader, Stein! You crack me the F up. Miss you, girl, like woah.