Friday, September 24, 2010

Like a Kid

I read a cute post this morning (or possibly it was the afternoon that creeped up on me) from a blog included in my harem of blogs.

She spoke of remembering one's childhood, full of belief (or rather failing to prove the nonexistence) of fairies/ghosts , seeing the world as a place of possibility, with tea parties full of pretend and not so pretend guests.

image via Anna Moller

I suppose what she was trying to tell me, is that my life has never been so childlike. Ive never been so excited for what is to come and always willing to welcome breaks in the day with teas, coffees, and freshly baked goods. I'm also fairly sure I will never stop begging for an Easy Bake oven come Christmukkah time. Funny for a gal who isn't particularly fond of teeny tykes.

And nothing like keeping your inner child alive by surrounding yourself my a bunch of wackos***:

***I use the term wacko in the most endearing and complimentary way possible.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Danny B.... Makin Shit Happen

Every time I listen to Dan Barber... well lets just say I dont have anything to argue with him about. His thoughts on agriculture and food seem so clear and sensical whenever he speaks... so why can't we seem to get our shit together? Come on world.

His dorky foodie persona wins me over time and time again... not to mention, he's a little funny too.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Fall. Autumn. Whatever you like to call it... happy first day of chai lattes, pumpkin everything, and scarves. Let coziness ensue.

Friday, September 17, 2010


photo via Blue Hour

It was about one year ago that I was walking up from the metro, heavy bags at my ankles trying to translate the phrase "depeches toi!!", to find my first resting place in Paris. It was about two years ago at this same time when I was welcomed to the land of bugs and composting toilets in the rainforest of Costa Rica. And has it already been 6 years since the time I arrived in New York, all by my lonesome at the start of all my crazy journeys?

And now back in California, same time, new place. What is it about fall... maybe its the change of colors, the anticipated longing of the season that lay behind us, the start of yet another school year... that seems ceremonial for all things new and allows us to hit that good old restart button. So maybe the Jews really do have their New Year right. The past few months I have been experiencing this overwhelming feeling of gratitude for all my experiences in the past and for all the possibilities that seem so vast and open for the future. They all seem to start in September and even though peaches and tomatoes are starting to disappear, the end of summer doesn't seem so bad afterall.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On Passion

after chatting with one of my roomies this morning, starting to get to know each other over what we love and the excitement that drives us both... I thought this was supremely apropos when I stumbled across it after our chat.

Sometimes we need a bit of reminding... or maybe that's just me. Have a fun day.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Past Couple Weeks Behind My Point & Shoot

So my dinky little camera doesn't capture the most spectacular photos, but it has held what Ive been doing for the past few weeks. Mostly because Ive been on the go and it fits nicely in my back pocket... Alors, this is what it saw...

Amanda and I drinking copious amounts of caffeinated and decaffeinated beverages...

and the same two girls playing homeless and sleeping in a car.... on the road...

a trip to SF with the Xtina, where we stumbled across my perfect vespa (also perfect for picnic going)....

acting silly with these cuzzles at Norah Jones in fun by the way...
(and note to self and them.... i need to pay them.... I will take this moment to say I am sorry to each person I have not paid back immediately or semi-swiftly. It is not one of my strong points, but I am working on it. I do always pay, the check just isnt always punctual. Note to new landlady if you have found this... I am semi kidding.)

my baked goods...
..... saw old vb-ers play in an alumni match. But didnt capture the day after pain....
and moving into my new home....

veggie garden!
back porch!

the view from my room.... a Buddha, boogie board, and plants... perfection.

What a couple weeks. I regret my point & shoot not seeing what a wonderful two days I spent with my mom at the beach, how much I miss my lil sis and my east coast counterparts, chats with Laura on the sunny lawn, how much I am in love with O magazine, and anticipation for what is to come. But all in all... you did good kid. A la prochaine...