Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Week in Review

Salut Tout Le Monde....

So, Ive fallen behind, as the activities of the past week have been piling up and up, in the best way possible. Hence my week in review, which en fait, is more like 3 weeks ago in review... but still....what happened, what made me laugh, sniffle, smile, and just go, "Quoiiii?!"


I rode the Velib! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Paris' supreme answer to alternative means of transit, meet the velib. The velib system consists of about 1,450 bicycle stations, with a station about every 300 meters... or at least according to Wiki. (And who am I to argue?) You can either buy a year, week, or day subscription and check out a beautiful bike and ride it to your hearts content across beautiful, and right now, freezing Paris. So after enjoying a crepe on a sunny day with my friend Margo, she helped me set up my first day rental. We rode, our faces confronting the sun whenever possible, around town and then to the coop. So fun! And at just one euro for the day, I'm still stunned whenever Paris surprises me with a bonne marche ou good deal.

So, we had a party. It was a theme party. And I must say.... the French are strange, and I wouldn't have it any other way. We had about 100 people crammed into our apartment, with every single piece of furniture, tapestry, and writing utensil carefully piled in my room to make way for people to mostly eat and dance. It was quite the scene and I was rather impressed that they, for the most part, dressed up. My favorite costume of the night? Gilligan from Gilligan's Island. Did he know what his character was? Absolutely not. Did he put on Gilligan's floppy hat and sweatpants because he just wanted to be comfortable? O yes he did. I wish I had a photo of the mec at the party, but the resemblance was so dead on that I think a picture of Gilligan will suffice....

Chez Georges. My dear bro Alexis, as he likes to call himself ever since I explained that "bro" can sub for "dude". ....although his usage still needs some work, but that's another story, for another time. Well anywho I joined Bro and a couple friends to the most fabulous dive/bar/cave-like mania where we drank wine, danced, and just planned starred at all those little repressed Frenchies really let themselves loose. It was a great night, with seemingly little space to flail, although somehow we made due. I sense a repeat customer!

Le Pain Quotidien. Yes, I know its a chain. And yes, I know I can eat there in New York AND LA. But, the ones in Paris just have an extra little special place in my heart. Plus...I can actually order a decaf soy au lait, which in my book is a perfect way to spend an afternoon. So, I visited a new outpost at St. Honore Square by the Tuileries, justifying to myself that I deserve a nice coffee after spending two hours babysitting that little angel Maeyls. A coffee, my journal, and a couple hours just to relax and re-center so I could enjoy a beautiful Parisian night, just me my soy and I.

Valentines Day 2010. KK and I decided to celebrate this glorious hallmark holiday by eating veggies, drinking cafes, and doing what we always do as of late...talk about how flippin wonderful our lives are here. I think the closer it comes to la dernier minute en France, the heavier my soles become, and the more attached my heart is to this wonderful life here. It didn't hurt that we ate the best veggie burger I've ever had... and in Paris nonetheless. I love a good case of irony. Of course the French could marry two things they know nothing about (vegetarian, burgers) and make the best one Ive ever had. Arghhh... it really will be hard to leave. Anywho, if you are ever in Paris, starved for a good fill of food minus raw meat and overflowing avec plein des legumes... visit Potager du Marais. Its delightful.

Puppets on the subway. I thought I have seen it all, at least in the world of metro entertainment. New York has a strong stance with tap dance, and moving golden man statues, and dancers slash acrobats using the car poles to topsy turvy all over the place. Paris has accordions and singers with portable speakers. But, I have to give it to this man. His determined face steps on the metro, sets up a screen between two poles, starts his recording, and goes to town with this two muppets that were performing some sort of nonsense in a language I couldn't even pinpoint. One lady got up and moved trains. I laughed uncontrollably.

Movie. Valentines Day. Cheesy? Yes! Hilarious? You know it. I found myself laughing so hard I was almost rolling..... maybe because I have missed these o so dear brainless one-liners that think they are clever and high class celebrities basically making fun of themselves, but good god, I enjoyed every second of it.

1. Yoga....yes, je part toute suite...


Vacation! Again?? I thought I just got back from that. Oh wait.... I did.

Schmoopie. Kimmmmm. Martha. Devin. Birthdays. Parties. Paris. Yay.

Paris Mosquee. Hamman. Double Yay.

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