Monday, March 15, 2010

Ca c'est magnifique

My new favorite place in Paris has become Musee de l'Orangerie, the museum that holds 8 huge Monet water lily works (Les Nympheas) in two oval rooms, that were constructed largely to Monet's specificities. It is a must see for any museum go-er visiting Paris, especially if you are a self proclaimed impressionist obsessionist, comme moi. The positioning of the Orangerie, or technically speaking an old greenhouse, is poetic to boot, housing the famous waterlilies between the Seine and the Tuilerie gardens.... a cohesion of water and garden. The diffused light and the minimalistic qualities of the room let the murals do the talkaty talk.... if you allow them to.

It is the art in Paris, in all its forms, and the high regard that the people here hold for it, that continuously befuddles me. Why this isn't safeguarded more in the States or elsewhere for that matter...given more attention in schools and given more importance and encouragement in terms of career/life pursuits. Afterall it is through art the way people can feel and experience life and its beauty... and the way we can all talk to one another about it, throughout time, with or without words.

I'm still not sure to what extent I embrace some of modern art's belief in the idea of everyday,real world art, but here is an implementation of curvature elsewhere nevertheless..... as interpreted this time by Ikea:

Yes, this is the metro. And yes, those are Ikea couches. Complete with their own personal bookshelf poster to back, back, back it up. I must say, I like your style.... and so do the Parisian bums.

Other thoughts?

Use more whole grain flour. Especially when baking scones. They are delicious.

First spring sun= happiness, which in fact means that I will now pry myself from my radiator and allow the imprints in my back to disappear from resting there for the last 4 months.

Colin Farrell= not so shabby singer. And dare I say Crazy Heart Soundtrack= practical genius.

A la prochaine.