Friday, September 17, 2010


photo via Blue Hour

It was about one year ago that I was walking up from the metro, heavy bags at my ankles trying to translate the phrase "depeches toi!!", to find my first resting place in Paris. It was about two years ago at this same time when I was welcomed to the land of bugs and composting toilets in the rainforest of Costa Rica. And has it already been 6 years since the time I arrived in New York, all by my lonesome at the start of all my crazy journeys?

And now back in California, same time, new place. What is it about fall... maybe its the change of colors, the anticipated longing of the season that lay behind us, the start of yet another school year... that seems ceremonial for all things new and allows us to hit that good old restart button. So maybe the Jews really do have their New Year right. The past few months I have been experiencing this overwhelming feeling of gratitude for all my experiences in the past and for all the possibilities that seem so vast and open for the future. They all seem to start in September and even though peaches and tomatoes are starting to disappear, the end of summer doesn't seem so bad afterall.

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