Friday, September 24, 2010

Like a Kid

I read a cute post this morning (or possibly it was the afternoon that creeped up on me) from a blog included in my harem of blogs.

She spoke of remembering one's childhood, full of belief (or rather failing to prove the nonexistence) of fairies/ghosts , seeing the world as a place of possibility, with tea parties full of pretend and not so pretend guests.

image via Anna Moller

I suppose what she was trying to tell me, is that my life has never been so childlike. Ive never been so excited for what is to come and always willing to welcome breaks in the day with teas, coffees, and freshly baked goods. I'm also fairly sure I will never stop begging for an Easy Bake oven come Christmukkah time. Funny for a gal who isn't particularly fond of teeny tykes.

And nothing like keeping your inner child alive by surrounding yourself my a bunch of wackos***:

***I use the term wacko in the most endearing and complimentary way possible.

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