Friday, October 23, 2009

Best Week Ever, Nothing Really Happened

My best week so far has been so, not because of a few poignant events, but actually just an accumulation so far of petites choses so small you might call them pathetic. But holy shit have they made my week feel flippin amazing.

  1. The best croissant au buerre so far Ive found is from a place, so close to chez moi, that I could actually sleep walk there, in a storm, wearing three inch heels, with a screaming 3 year old on my back. Delicious.

  2. I mustered up the confidence to ask a question today, at the french's attempt to duplicate a Best Buy, and the employee understood what I was saying. You might think this should be a common acheivement in my everyday Parisian life, but alas, it is not. People here never understand what the hell im saying and not only did this guy understand, but he responded with...hold on to your panties here... "good question"....en francais of course. I didnt understand a word he said from then on, and I still dont know whether I can play European DVDs on American computers...but who the hell cares. Someone, finally!, understood what was coming out of Stephanie Stein's mouth. Shaina Stein must be praying extra hard for me on Sundays.

  3. Monday night, a couple of friends and I attempted to watch a soccer...ughhh I mean football an Irish bar, and yet again misunderstood the time and day of the match. So of course we opted for a classy cafe instead. Why not...the wine is the same price if not less than the hot chocolate. First, shout out to Paris for having outdoor cafes stay open in the winter and mastering the concept of the space heater. Just as I was enjoying the delicious wine, great company, and the romantical atmosphere of sitting in a warm seat out in the flippin cold.....yep a creepster. I thought I had seen it all folks. I mean New York has no shortage, Costa Rica makes a strong presence in the rankings as well, but a Jamaican man living in Paris took the cake. I thought that telling him I was an escape convict from a small town in Idaho would deter him, but appartantly he was only more interested. Note to self: New pick-up line for French men. Long story that I wish would have been shorter in reality, he drunkenly follows us, barely able to keep his body upright, and manages to grab two out of the three girls sprinting down a grand street in the Marais. We dash into a bar shreiking with a few middle age french men drinking wine and eating chicken wings. (They have those here??? should have not been the dialouge taking up my brain space at that moment) As the creepiest creepster I have ever experienced opens the door and pass out in the entrance flat on the beautiful mosaic floor, one of the guys asks, “ Is this guy with you?” What?! Are you fucking kidding me? We just ran into this place screaming, panting, and asking for antibacterial wipes. No, this guy is not with us sir. What the F??? Well, as far as I know that man is still passed out at that bar. Well, I guess if I ever run out of stories, Ill go wake him up.

    4. Just made a apple, carrot, ginger, kiwi, spinach juice. Delectable.

    5. My heat came on. Reynauds rejoice.

    6. I got to speak English to Carole, one of my roomies, last night. This made me feel like an actual human being and not just like a stupid american girl living with two cool Parisian twenty-somethings. Even though Ive been living here for almost three weeks, it was so nice to chat with her and expand our conversation beyond my limits of hey, you work today?, you hunting this weekend? Shes a great girl. And Im beginning to feel more and more at home everday Im here. I lucked out again living with these ladies. I even have a date to visit their place in Brittany! OOOO! I can barely walk straight so I hope they know not to give me a rifle.

    7. As I was typing an email to a friend, Yellowcard's Ocean Avenue came on. I love a good, crappy flashback. It always reminds me how far I've come, and how much further I should really be....since Im actually enjoying this ridiculous sound right now.

    8. Im making friends with the marche peeps every wed. Fish guy is hot. I told him to keep the change. Booyah.

Yep, this is the stuff that is making me probably the happiest lady on Earth. Its so nice to feel happy when nothing really crazy or out of the ordinary is happening. Im actually enjoying the times when I have nothing to do; for once just enjoying what is happening to me. around me. Even if it is a stranger's hand trying to grab my ass. And beyond this, my little sis is visiting me this weekend. What could be better? I wonder if we are attending church.....oh vey.


  1. Brilliant. I'm so glad several of our heart-thumping moments of fear have been such great fodder for these blogs. Now all you have to do is spend an exorbitatnt amount of money this afternoon and I'll have something else to write about :)

  2. hmmm....maybe we should find another belligerent Jamaican/French man then...

  3. ah stephie, if we learned anything from costa rica its how important those little things (i.e. peanuts) truly are! reading this made me miss you and your reynauds!