Friday, December 4, 2009

I Like Your Dog

For those who dont know...I love falafel. And I love falafel even more in Paris, and apparently it loves me back. I have been building quite the rapport with the falafel dude, who now knows me by name. And I don't think he wants to stop there. At first, it was free french fries for his “copine”or “girlfriend”. Now he is getting to know his girlfriend better and starting to speak my language. My favorite and consequently most commonly used words are roughly translated into “free” and “falafel.” So, on Wednesday, I decided to grab my favorite to go meal in Paris and an overly friendly bisous, free falafel, some flirty miscommunication, and 20 minutes of awkward fondling of my fingers later....I believe he asked me out for a glass of champagne...or at least I hope that's all he asked for. What the hell, I'll give just about anyone at least one chance. Hell, I am a sucker for a good story. And believe me, I don't think this one will disappoint. He scribbled down my name and number on his falafel order slip, in Hebrew of course. Steve Stein actually might not want to kill this prospect with the words Hebrew dancing through his head. As I pull myself away to anxiously get to the eats, he tells me he loves my smile and that I was tres jolie and I laugh to myself, again, letting yet another guy think that these stupid, cheesy lines actually work. Lesson: They don't. Even if you think they do. They don't. And if they do, the girl is prolly stupid. But maybe you like that.

Yes, this guy is cute, not shorter than I am, and has a gap between his two front teeth. In other words, the exact few things I might advertise on I did that. Well, here goes nothing. There is no turning back now. I better not screw this one up. This could potentially be more prosperous than dating a dumpling chef slash vegan cupcake baker.

The only thing I miss more than my bizarre interactions with the universe, is discussing them with my favorite people in the world. One of these beloved has chosen not to disclosure his/her true name, but rather use the surname BetTy_WhITe 69. Very mysterious, I know.

BetTy_WhITe 69: fabulous

did you kiss the frenchie guy yet?

me: NO!


not even after wine tasting

BetTy_WhITe 69: interesting

clearly things move slowly there

me: yeah tell me about it

but did i tell you the falafel guy asked me out


o man

my falafel days are now ruined

BetTy_WhITe 69: shoot

well, if it get's you free falafel

that's prolly the wrong thing to say


me: well initially i thought the same thing


what happens next? there are only two possibilities

BetTy_WhITe 69: lol

me: either i blow him off and can never eat the most wonderful falafel again


i marry him

and get free falafel forever

its a tough choice

i mean he has A GAP

BetTy_WhITe 69: he's the one

BetTy_WhITe 69: but you will prolly get sick of falafel


no way, its too good. its the best falafel ive ever had





BetTy_WhITe 69: that's bc he makes it with





me: L







but seriously...lolololol

ill keep you updated, BetTy_WhITe 69.

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