Tuesday, December 8, 2009

O Merde

The universal standard question: How was your weekend? Tu as passe un bon week-end?

No sugar coating here folks (my inner new yorker speaking)..... it was crap. Straight up merde. The closer Christmas time draws near, the more I miss my family, my friends, and my country. And however much my hippie half hates the Internet and technology at times, I really appreciated it this weekend.


#5. NPR- It feels good to be connected to home. It feels even better when you can read or listen to a news program with a decent perspective sans their uptight/serious attitudes. Whether its the some guy's take on why he is okay with his masculinity while reading“Eat, Pray, Love”or the great “All Songs Considered”, the news radio will all the right kinds of bullshit, never seems to leave me unimpressed.

#4. E-Photos (with commentary): I think the saying is: “A picture is worth a Thousand Words.”Or is it a million? I never claimed to be great at expressions. No matter how great of a writer one is, there is nothing like a good photo. My favorites: The Sartorialist's ability to capture beauty and intruige and of course the slightly (but just slightly!) lesser known Sammy Rode. Her quirkiness still blasts through all borders and makes me feel at home with her strange email pictures and even stranger commentary.

Sammy a dit: "Tout alors! Shush! He is Le Chien, and he is traveling incognito."

J'ai dit: Tu est trop bizarrrrre! But hey, I guess it takes one to know one.

#3. Jiwa.FR – The international answer to Pandora, but better, lets me build my own playlists (gratuit!) and keeps me company no matter what mood I may be in. Dance...OK! Ridiculous oldies flashbacks... Naturellement! Christmas....Wait, no MARIAH??? You have to be f(insert Steve Stein's favorite word) me. Maybe I'll move this one to #5.

#2. G Chat- Sometimes it just feels good to pretend you are working when you are doing nothing but talking about nonsensical crap with your best friends thousands of miles away. You might be talking crap, but they get your crap. And thats all that matters. Without Betty_White69 and are semi-regular sessions on the good old computer, I think I might crack. Although you cant see peoples faces, their expressions, or laughter covered by obviously fake coughs dans le bureau.... you can always imagine it. And I'm sure 9 times out of 10, I get it right.

#1. Skype. Thank god. No explanation necessary.

Being in a foreign country, isolated from what you know, sometimes you just need a couple days to spend with people, virtually or not, to remember a bit about yourself, and to remember how to laugh...in English.

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