Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Le Printemps....

Ah spring... I would say its my favorite season, but I do believe my favorite season is always the beginning of each one.....and my least favorite always being the end of winter. That one is a no brainer. But there is something so special about the spring and for the first time.... in quite a long time... I'm in California (northern, bah ouais) for the gloriousness of this event. So what have I been doing with myself you may ask? Well, first of all, my inner 3rd grader says "M.Y.O.B." (the b standing for beeswax of course), although my other, slightly duller, journaling self will reply...

Garden Fresh. My mom and I finally got motivated to plant our garden. Well... by insinuating "we plant" I mean she buys the stuff and I do the work. Totally cool with me. And I think with her too? Huh. Ill ask . But I planted tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, a shit ton of herbs, cucumbers, and arugula. I think my fav is the arugula because I have very little patience and it grows pretty fast. And tasty to boot. But the garden is so fun. Its like having your own little kid... except not, because its not a pain in my ASS.

Ze Yoga. I had such a great class today. Its just that thing for me that makes most of my sucky days better and allows the good ones to keep on keepin on. Find your yoga. Maybe its cooking, or reading, or hell even some illegal substance. But, when you find whatever it is... its so goood.

Art. Since Ive been back from artsy fartsy Paris, Ive been a little more inspired to pick up my own camera and to check out what other people are doing too. Result? My dad asking me why the keyboard is slightly wet from what appears to be drool after I have been checking out the approximate 5,456 blogs I belong to. Its so fun! Ive been finding new music, inspiration, recipes, and occasionally drift to check out what the Real Housewives are fighting about behind the scenes. Whattt? fuck you ok? Don't judge me. You're KFC Double Down is my enjoyment watching a good old rift between Bethenny and Jill.
Anywho here are some of the artsy-ish blogs that have been making me smile as of late:
SF. I explored a few areas of the Bay's city with Xtina last week and I'm more excited that ever to move in the fall. Noe Valley and Mission are toping my list; the Mission because they have a cute park and really awesome ice cream.... Noe Valley because they have french inspired cafes. But, really... Ill move anywhere as long as I can get to and from the Rainbow Co-op in less than an hour. My cocaine. Anywho, it was the best day.

Cooking. I made homemade graham crackers last night. My intention was to make them for the little kiddies next door, but then they actually turned out really good.

Et plus....Ive spent some time with my cuzzles, although not as much as I would like, discovered I have a strange affinity for parchment paper and steel cuts oats (but preferably not together), and spent more time at the bookstore than my dad does sleeping. Oh yes, and counting down the seconds until my wondrous wife arrives for her annual visit....

Now, what I should be doing:
making catch up phone calls
having fancy hat brunches
cleaning my room so I can make it to my bed without 3 hops, 2 steps, and a jump.

Enjoy your springy day and try some asparagus.


  1. 1. The photo of those graham's is beautiful.

    2. You forgot to list "Counting the days until my wife comes."

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  4. you have to get w/ angela when you're in SF ... no doubt kid

  5. 人自幼就應該通過完美的教育,去建立一種好的習慣。 ..................................................

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