Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love Me and Leave Me

wow... so its been awhile folks. I would say I'm sorry, but I had so much wonderful-ness about lately that has kept me preoccupied, that I can't say I really am. Anywho, good to be back and so much to tell.

1. I had a such a wonderful past week. My wife came for her long past due visit to the Stein household. I hadn't seen her in a little less than a whole year... entire year...and it was a much needed reunion. She had a little extra spark about positive, so wonderful, so ready to take on the world with all her talents have to offer. Anywho, we did a lot in a week, but that "a lot" that feels like not doing much at all... which I love. I showed her my favorite food co-op dans le monde, we danced in the car, made scrump didyliumptious dinners for my fam, made an impromptu decision to cut our hairs very tinsy in SF, ate the BEST veggie sandwich in Hayes Valley I've ever had, and the list goes on et on. Oh... et plus! The little one just flippin got into the Food Studies program at NYU.... booyah grandma. Et plus....

We played in the garden....

and bought peonies.

It was a great week.

2. I might just be doing the thing that would make me even happier than I already am...opening a cafe/bakery with my new great friend Lisa. I know this might be a jinx, and although I 99.9% believe in the jinx, I whole heartedly believe this will happen.... no matter how strong the god jinx is. I met this awesome chica at a BBQ gathering with my cousins a few weeks past, and it was one of those moments when everything aligns. The more we talk the more we say "holy shit this is too perfect." A great lady with great ideas and ideals that coincide with mine regarding all things food. I can't believe its happening... or at least I think it is. We've chatted a few times over sweet treats and the next step is looking at venues. I couldn't think of a better career... solving the worlds problems one chocolate laced smile at a time. I'll keep you posted...until then, ideas, suggestions welcome for cafes/bakeries....

3. So, my google reader is overflowing. I find it so much more refreshing than the pesky newspaper. Don't get me wrong I want to be informed with whatever horrible things are happening in our worlds, but more so I want to see and hear all the great projects and ventures individuals are putting out there. Its amazing. It makes me feel so nice too. There are so many talented people around, or rather people that have found what they are great at... what makes them happy and listening to that thing in their chest that goes thump. These people who have found this seem to be so gracious, so at peace with what they are doing. I think it gives me hope everyday.... and just a tince bit of anxiety when I see 213 new items in the reader to peruse each morn. Enough rambling.... here some of my new finds:

Abby Try Again - Amazing photography and a great name to boot.
The Bright Side Project - Cute interviews with the cute and talented. But, I wont lie, they have awesome giveaways everyday, and although you may be my competition, I guess sharing is worth it? Well, visit now before I change my mind and remove this.
Sweet Amandine - She hasn't updated in a bit, but I LOVE HER. You'll see why.

4. I staked my tomato plants with pretty bamboo arches and the squash blossoms are in bloom! My garden is flourishing! (Tip that Im unsure works: Plant magnolias to ward off the bad bugas... on va voir)

5. Cherries sont arrivent. Hello cherry tarts, cherry jam, cherry pie, dried cherries, fresh cherries, cherry spitting contests (which, by the way, my dad has already lost), cherry cornmeal scones, cherries jubilee*, cherry muffins... well you get the picture. I'm excited and I have the oven pre-heated and ready to go. Recipes a bientot....

7? Schmoopie just told me the other day I had luck like no other. I stopped to think about this for a few minutes and came to the self conclusion that this might be a rather large understatement. I don't think there are many days that go by when I don't think about my life for a quick second, shake my head with disbelief, and think how lucky I am. But beyond lucky. With all my great family and beyond talented and great friends....I'm just waiting for lightening or something to strike...or whatever the hell is suppose to happen. I never really know who or what to thank... so Ill just thank Trader Joe's Crunchy salted Peanut Butter. I guess its the closest thing Ive ever had to organized religion. A wonderful Deity I must say.

A Bientot:

1. Its spring and that means cherries, sun, and our annual visit to temple for the Bagel Brunch. Yum. The Steins (well, 3 out of 4) only pray over bagels and lox.

2. Bakery talk. Road trips to bakeries. Cavities to follow.

3. A quick trip to visit my long lost Costa Rican brother in Santa Cruz...

4. Shaina (aka cookie monster) est arrive.

5. San Fran for the D'Orsay exhibit. Grand ol Paris is comin for un petit visit. Woop woop. Maybe we'll squeeze a croissant in there somewhere too.

A la prochaine a tous...

*I am not exactly sure what this is... but I will. and then I will make it.


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  2. Constant dripping wears away the stone. 滴水穿石!加油!..................................................

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