Friday, May 21, 2010

Mon Project du mois....

This is what I'm workin with. What a complete mess. Mais, Project Number Une: completed. The transport of my bed to the alcove. Cozy lightness.

Its the end of spring and I haven't done any cleaning yet. So in the spirit of the supposed annual discard pile, I have decided to take it a step further and splash some new color on the walls and refit my room to my twenty something self. Finally taking down my teenage years from my walls, noticing how everything has changed, slowly but dramatically, over the years. Removing the pictures, the things I once thought would make me beyond cool, and throwing out all the junk that hopefully others might treasure, is a cool renewing process.... a building of my own space in my home I've grown in since I can remember. Et plus, lately I cant get enough of projects, creating and being surrounded with things I love. From my garden to my daily outfit, each seems like an opportunity to see and build my visual world. So fun...a couple sources of inspiration/ideas:

My thought behind moving my bed to the alcove = more space. My thought behind more space = room for a teepee. Duh.

This is not my garden. Or my picture. But if I could bring this into my room somehow... i might never leave.

I am in love with these colors and of course the great rustic lighting.

So, I'm not saying I want this bridal party in my room. Or a wedding in my life. But I do love this.

I am beyond elated when I see the soft side come out of the rough and tough. Today it was the grizzly paint store man than cradled his rescued kitten carefully in his arms. The other week it was a gift from a welder friend. Its just so nice to look at something and see beyond its surface beauty. Connecting to the story of these things, to make them livelier than just things, is so great.

A place filled with pillows to read, chat, and potentially tea... even if the closest it gets is just holding an empty teapot. And one thing that hasn't changed from my early teenage years? My fervent desire for a wall covered in chalkboard paint. Don't judge me.

My garden. I love my garden. It is probably the closest thing I will ever had to a child, so yes it is very special to me. Indoor pots with plants from seed and salvaged containers is the abstract plan...Ooo! And glass jars. I love glass jars.

I am oscillating between this bright and vibrant bed dress and a stark white fluffy (unstuffy) bed. I have always wanted a white fluffy bed.

My favorite read as of late. Rustic, whole, beautiful, and made with love. An inspiration for everything.

....and I want to feel like this after I jump on my fluffy white bed (that Ive always wanted).

And then, ladies and gentlemen, I will dance around listening to Bob Boylan talk about all things cool.

Alors, on va voir...

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