Thursday, July 29, 2010

All smiles here.

Hello all,

Well, I know its been a while (et plus), and there is so much to catch up on.... but, for now I cant seem to focus on anything else except for the things that are making me smile this very moment. Just thought I might share them with you, in hopes that they will make you grin a bit too.

Returning. From Camp, with new friends and experiences in tow along with the affirmation that although I respect children, they just arent my thang.

Going. Hawaii. Maui, that is. With the fam for 10 days. I cant wait to yoga, eat, visually document what I'm eating, and spend time with my favorite people.

Opening. I just received a letter followed by an email from one of my New York friends whose kookiness slash coolness is always missing from my my daily life. She sent a pic from our quick/amazing adventure in Paris. I am apparently a technological idiot, so you will have to bear with me and tilt your head to the left to correctly view this one...

Listening. My new great friend/ ex co-counselor Amanda and I exchanged copious amounts of new music (at least new to each other). I now finally have the full two albums of Mermaid Avenue and another new favorite: Explosions in the Sky.

Baking. Trail Mix Cookies. Favorite Snack in cookie form. Good show, nuts and raisins, good show.

Pinning. Okay I don't looove love love technology. And I definitely would opt for the real life version of mostly anything, but I have recently been loving this site. Il s'appelle Pinterest. Virtual inspiration boards let you take images from all over the world wide web and arrange them for you and your friends to share. Im lovin it.

Awaiting. Baking Ventures. New York pals' / New pals August visits. Colorado cahoots. The adventure forward. So excited... mostly because I have no f-in clue what lies there.

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