Sunday, August 15, 2010

Im A Lovin...

I love dancers...
and if I was ever to marry, he would surely be the one...
but until then, Ill just do this...

So these images are just a few of my favorite "pins" on my new favorite site. Its worlds better than wasting time on that wierd virtual facebook world. Oh yes, and its called Pinterest. (Looky Here.)

So in short, this site is a virtual space to collect all the images you find around the world wide web that you adore. Well....I adore this site. Its fun and always reminds me how amazing and strong the visual can be. Check it zout.


  1. Hey hey,
    Found your blog through this (apparently mutually) favorite website you mentioned :o)
    I only started using it love love it though!!!
    And your blog is really is the photo of the husband you would choose hehe

  2. thanks so much sonja... i hopped over to yours as well... love the images. Send me your pinterest link... i would love to follow!

    enjoy your sunday.