Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ba, Ba, Back a Paris

After a heartfelt goodbye, several thoughts were crossing my mind as I crossed the ocean, mostly why exactly I ever leave California or my family. But alas, I was reminded by the amazingness that is Paris:

1. Cafes. First day back. Hadnt slept in, I dont know, approximately a billion hours. Why sleep when you can reunite with the one and only KK over a pick-me-up, rather known as a decaf espresso. We are becoming creatures of habit, already sipping boissons chauds at Cafe Philosophes a few times since returning. The food servers almost looked relieved, well almost, to see their loyal clientele back to sip endless hot chocolates and coffees while laughing harder than anyone else in the place for hours upon, well, half hours, I guess. How can this always be so fun? Well, it just is.

Meet the roomies: C'est Ombeline (left) et Carole

Carole's famous heart attack of an appetizer: a bit of spinach, mostly creme fraiche, a slab of goat cheese, and topped with an egg. Its delicious, but come on an empty stomach will ya.

2. Playing Catch Up. As I attempted to find room for my seemingly endless stash of peanut butter and bizarre american cooking ingredients (even to Americans), my roomies came home and we had a wonderous late Christmas dinner....just the three of us. We sat around the table, catching up, as best as we could, without hardly any awkward, I don't understand what the fuck you are saying moments. They cooked an entirely bio (organic) dinner, and I'm not sure if it was in my honor, but Ill just pretend like it was. They were too cute, pointing out that they made the effort to make the meal semi-vegetarian with chicken and salmon....I love that the French's idea of semi-vegetarian is my mom's idea of an overloaded meat meal. Gotta love them. And as always Carole cooked up one mean feast. Then as Ombeline cut the traditional cake of January, complete with a hidden ring, I was ordered to get under the table. Hazing much? We exchanged christmas gifts and wow, I am so impressed with how well my roomies got me! I mean first the bio food and now! An oversized tunic sweater with a belt. Too Perfect. They explained to me their rationale: "Well, you always wear leggings and a (semi)long shirt, so in continuing with this theme....viola!" Well, I love it. A couple days later, at brunch, Carole would explain to a friend that my californian style is a bit sexy, complete with leggings and not much else on the bottom. Yes, I get shit for this in New York, and Paris, around the globe really. Mais, c'est moi! They rejoiced over the converse shoes I bought them, and looked skeptical about the peanut butter See's candy. I will win them over eventually.

3. Les Soldes. Just the luck of my meager teacher's bank account. Twice a year, thats right just twice, there are legally allowed to be sales. Well, now is the time. It pretty much works like this... You drink a coffee, then you shop (aka push and shove your way to the good stuff and strip in the middle of the store while the bored looking men don't look so bored anymore....esp in the lingerie section...woop woop) ok, then you have a coffee, maybe a hot chocolate, shop, shop, and have something to eat. Oh, and then you shop again. Its pretty hardcore, but more fun than anything. The city seems like a zoo, with people coming from every which way to take advantage of the great prices. Everything is on sale! well, not the food. Its alright, veggies arent that expensive...

4. Ze Yoga. Well, I guess this is just what I love about the world. I can pick up a yoga class practically anywhere. I sucked up my money belt and made it to yoga for the first time in Paris. It was necessary. Yes, its twice the price, but Im an im going ok!? I just cant go 6 times a week. The studio is beautiful, they offer classes in English, although the "bikram" studio is not quite that. At one point in the class, I began to feel a draft coming from outside. Ummm....hellllo?? did you know that bikram= 105 whole degrees of sweltering goodness ? Well maybe they got the temperature mixed up when they were converting Fahrenheit to Celsius, but damn not so hot. But, it was amazing nevertheless.

Other great things since I have been back?

1. Amazing dinner at a vegetarian restaurant. I have no clue what they served me, but it was delicious.

2. Two of my favorite things together: Peanut butter and Paris. Did I mention I have peanut butter here now? I think this officially makes me have peanut butter issues. Costa Rica, peanut butter issues. Paris, issues. At least New York had a restaurant completely dedicated to the substance. Ok, I admit it alright...its my crack.

3. Falafel. Although, we cheated on my Falafel guy and tried somewhere else. They both are so good. I'm so confused.

Things that aren't so great since Ive been back:

1. Its fucking cold here.

Looking forward to:

Visits from.... Kimmmmmmer, Schmoopie!, Megan and the craziest Hensel of all

Travels to....the south of France (this weekend), Prague, Germany....who knows what else...

Dinner Parties....Showing Paris the real California Mexican Later this month.

Theme Party....The roomies and I are throwing a grand fete the 12th of February...this should be interesting....

My next school vacation...already in about a month. Love the French.

A bientot!

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