Friday, January 8, 2010

HOMELAND, at last

Ah, the past three weeks, filled with crazy family, suspicious baked goods, yoga, and fireplaces that really arent too necessary in sunny California. I almost didnt get on the plane to come back. But really.

I guess in my old age, o goodness 24 in a month and a half!, it is getting harder and harder for me to leave my family. In many ways, I was much braver as a nine year old than I am nowadays. But I guess I didnt realize as much what I was leaving behind..... Comme wonderous winter break:

Our family is strange. I think we are much more wild/strange/etc etc than many normal American families (whatever that means), let alone the Frenchies. Case in point, Steve Stein. Always making other people laugh, but first and foremost,Steve Stein is always making Steve Stein laugh. Love you dad.

As a Hannukah/Christmas/Kwanza gift, Steve Stein took us to San Francisco for a couple days. We browsed, we of course ate well, and took in the Christmas and palm trees plus the sunny weather at the same shot. I'll take a palm tree over a white Christmas any day. No matter what Kevin McCallister says.

Ah, welcome to the Stein cookbook collection. Vegan, Mais Ouais! Organic, Duh. The Temple Holiday Food Handbook? Yes, even that one too. We welcome it all, well, maybe not Meatlovers Paradise, but Im sure we even have that one tucked away somewhere. Although it might seem overly simple, nothing made me happier than a plate full of no french beef, chicken, creme, cheese....esp sharing the same dish.

Combined time spent with Codoni-Schmitts? Approximately 7,435 hours. It was AWESOME. We really did everything with Susie and Scmitty....movies, New Years Eve complete with explicit infomercials, christmukkah dinner, Christmas dinner, France/Italy/but mostly Italian dinner. Schmitty and I even drank Dobleback beers that my cousin Mickey told me that not only could I not buy them in the US, but I couldnt even buy them in northern Germany. Way to show him Safeway.

Christmas, as always was more than wonderful. And came with Challah. Holla.

Hell, I even had fun with 2T.

The list goes on and on: veg baking and bonding with xtina, there not being 9 hours difference from friends/fam via telephone, CoCoro, hiding cookies from my dad in the cupboard, spending more time at the sacramento co-op than the combined state of California, meals without the following: meat, cream, butter, lard, creme, etc, etc, the fireplace, seeing Jessapena's (the devil cat) stomach almost touch the floor, being English. Oh, and looking out Shaina's window. Yes, yes its getting harder to leave. Maybe, just maybe, next time I wont.

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  1. Classic Steve Stein pic :) As always, we loved having you around for 7k+ hours but it is fun to read of your French adventures, so since you're there, get busy :)