Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bon Dimanche, A Tous!

I am fully ashamed to say my friends, that it has taken me approximately...well I'm not so great with arithmetic...but its taken me wayyy longer than it should have, to finally make it to my first Marche Bio or Organic Farmers Market. Et oh la la, holy shitness, I was so upset with myself for never having visited this wondrous event before. The Marche Bio at Rue de Raspail, is flooded with everything your little natural heart could imagine. Everything from organic soaps and bulk oats to the most colorful and beautiful looking fruits and vegetables. Yes, the price is a bit steep, and yes the clientele might be a bit hypocritical in their full length furs, but I couldn't take my eyes off all they had to offer...

Ah Ha! My first view of the motherload. It was pretty packed, but of coarse the French made the event politely tolerable, although I wouldn't mind never hearing another "Pardon" again. Anywho, at the start my hunt was for: new varieties of apples, fresh spinach, and some crumbly cheese. Lets see how this one goes...

So far so good, as I hit the jackpot. I have never seen so many different types of apples in one place...not even Whole Foods, my friends. I decided to pick the "Juliet", a crisp flat variety that snaps loudly and ain't too bad on the taste buds either. I still prefer my pinkladies. And one more thing...can anyone give a diagnosis or hell, even an uneducated opinion on the point at which one has an apple addiction. Averaging two a day, I think I might qualify. My ass thanks the lord its not a brie dependence.

Ok, dammit. The market just haaaaad to do this to me. It doesn't stop at wonderful looking produce, but they have everything else too... soaps, dish washing liquid, bath salts, stainless steel organic pans?? Well, the market promised everything was organic. And who am I to argue with the french? Pas moi, I say. Anywho, in short, everything to make a this girl grin like a...hmmm..i got nothing this time. Just grin really widely, i guess.

Ahhh et now, the understanding of the origin de la oh la la.

My last stop before prying myself and my wallet out of this black hole. Can you say 15 types of salt? This is too much....I'm done. What I actually came away with? Fresh spinach, a new variety of apples, Roquefort cheese, lavender bath salts (oops), and honey candies (oops encore)

Side note: While patiently waiting to buy my sea salts from the kind older vendeuse, the lady pauses with one customer to answer a question from another....and one dude throws his hands up in the air, going on about how long he has waited and how this poor old woman had done him some sort of injustice. They fight a bit, and he storms away....all this commotion for sea salts? Doucement fellow. But alas, this is how many French go about their lives, with passion, warranted or not.

I just like public transportation, okay?

Later that afternoon, I rendez-vous-ed with KK to grab some soup and tea at one of our new favorite places. As always, we made headway by solvings some of the worlds problems, discussing stripes and their place in the world, and the bizarre idiosyncrasies of la vie francais.

Et viola, c'est moi et mon dimanche. Une petite americaine, very content with the Sunday happenings. What more could I ask for really? A little yoga, farmers market, tea time, and my roomies didn't even die from the chicken that was left to defrost on the kitchen counter all night. I mean, it just doesn't get better than that. Bonne Semaine a tous.

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  1. oooh la la, on ira encore une fois, très bientôt?? OLD MAN THÉ ME MANQUE. Oh, yeah, and I haven't seen you in a while... ;-)