Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Flag Flailing

1 am. Thursday morning. I must awake in 4.5 hours....but alas the entire country of Algeria is outside my window celebrating their country's soccer victory. Why my window? Just lucky I guess.

A couple things I must say before they get lost in the black hole of my too many other good tidbits...

1. Tonight I enjoyed the France/Ireland soccer match at a Frenchie's apt. Four french guys to three American girls. I loved the odds. I was greeted by my friend Alexi and an obviously Asian man, whose first words were, "You are American? Look at me (he points to his face), I am Chinois." Yeah dude, I got that. So rewind, 3 french guys to 3 American girls. Still better than anything NYC had to offer. After 4 pizzas, shit ton of wine and beer, sexual french-english translations, and France's victory, my friend Katheryn and I sang and danced down the street to Brucey Springsteen. My victory dance for France was in English.

2. On the metro I got a glimpse of a restaurant called P.F.C. (Paris Fried Chicken) I laughed and then I cried. I've lost all respect for you Paris.

3. I decided I had some energy to burn, so I got off three metro stops early, hoping to take in a beautiful, peaceful, Paris at night. So, this is when I can across the country of Algeria at the Arc waving flags, running through the streets, screaming, flailing, you name it. Police are everywhere right now, and being the only female on the streets, it was the first time Ive been a bit frightened in Paris. Thank god, I was thinking these people didn't have it in them. Ill think youre going to be ok Paris. I guess it just took a few immigrants and a soccer game. Hey, whatever gets the job done.

So, Im not tired, but Ill kill (not literally...if anyone from the french government is reading this) my students if I dont get more than four hours of sleep.

A demain? dinner party, cranky adolescents, and my favorite boy...i mean conversation class. a la prochain.

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