Saturday, November 28, 2009

Snapity, Snap snap.

After a successful and amazingly fun Thanksgiving and a Christmas market flooded with wackiness, with only my poor excuse for a memory and a sticky kitchen floor to show for it, I realized I have made limited use of mon petit camera in this beautiful city. I have spent many hours on different bedroom floors, in each city I have inhabited, remembering my best times through photos where we rode bikes for hours upon hours, hosted man pageants called mangeants, and jumped into pools, laughing the entire time. On one hand, I am content with being so engaged in the moment, that the thought of disturbing it to schlep out my camera seems counter intuitive to the fun. En fete, I remember how much the joy of pictures and the tangible components of memories actually bring. Collectively, their overwhelming-ness leave me smiling even stronger than some of the actual moments. The brunches I have spent in New York looking over the festivities of the previous night's debauchery, this time without the tequila goggles on, always remind me that photos help the good times stretch out to help cover the rainy days. So I guess I'll restart out my adventures with the visual in slow motion...this time using my friend/fellow teaching assistant's eye to show you around our Thanksgiving table. (Remercie a Ms. Amrita Raja)

The expandable table was set for 17 and menus (also compliments of Ms. Raja) falsely lead people to believe the night would be full of class. Thank goodness it wasn't.

We went around the table to say remercie en franglais. Family, friends, but mostly turkey were on the top of everyone's lists....and this is why....

Thanks to my roomies, Carole et Ombeline, we had a fresh turkey from Brittany to roast who just met the knife last week. Now, how many Americans can say that? It was first time attempting a turkey on my own, and at 7 kilos, it was quite the woman.

They were the only pictures from the actual dinner. I am a bit sad that I didn't take time to snap here or there, but that's yet another issue of balancing slash distribution of time that I've never attempted to understand very well. So this time, I let someone do it for me. Some memories are just too good to experience once. So thanks for documenting our thanks. It is much appreciated.


  1. mangeants!

    great post, steinie :)

  2. Looks beautiful, boo. Miss you bunches.
    Est-ce que le mot francais est "dindon"? hahaha.
    Just waiting for Chris to see when his student teaching spring break is, and then we're on the move. ALSO, we can go to Nice for a few days because a family friend said I could use her apartment. (baller.)