Monday, November 16, 2009

I fought the Law and the Law Won

The Law being liquids.

I had a glass of wine and a pitcher of hot chocolate for dinner last night. And then played MASH and danced to wonderously shitty American music. You can take the Stein out of the US but, hell Im still a Stein.

Today in a nutshell:

1. I began just like the previous 3 mornings....with the Bobby Fuller Four incessantly playing in my head. After trying not to slap a bunch of French primary school students who NEVER grasp that Italy translates to Italie....I boarded the wrong bus, rode around the beautiful Parisian countryside for 1.5 hours and then walked another 30 to the bus station. The bus driver who so graciously helped me out, then continued to so graciously try and get my number. I answer, "Je comprends pas." When in doubt, play the stupid American card.

2. Nothing to eat since breakfast at 6:30 am, and my stomach reminds me it is now 1400h. I made my way to grab the best falafel ever, and the cute falafel man calls me his girlfriend and then orders the chef to give me free fries. Apparently he has no idea who his girlfriend is, since I would clearly like a side of vegetables instead. The French want you to become fat. Im sure of it.

Tonight: drinks and food as a base and then who the hell knows. I love that.

Have to go "tutor" a 6 year old who corrects my French and teaches me German.....blahhhh. I should have started with animals.

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