Friday, November 27, 2009


At the risk of dissapointing my mother, as she will feel cheated for not receiving a personal e-mail as well as a new blog update, I have decided to sum up my Thanksgiving with my email response to her the day after remercie for having a pretty damn great excuse for not working, eating slash drinking all day long, and sharing this peculiar holiday with people you love:

you will love me FOREVER??? wow, trop cool maman! hehe....anywho, im stuck at the lycee right now for 3+ hours until my next class and i am completely exhausted from thanksgiving....i had work on Thurs from 830 to 1230 (so i got up at 530) then rushed home, shoved a couple green beans in ma bouche and some things in the oven....cooked until 8....and the party went off without a hitch. The french and the english speakers mingled until early morning and the rest of us didnt finish cleaning and dancing until 230....AND then I woke up at 530 again this morn and worked all day! but not one complaint from me because it was such a great night. It sounds like there were so many things to do, and there were, but for some reason it just didnt seem like it. Everything was relaxed and in order and I havent gotten any calls yet about people dying from undone turkey or bacteria ridden stuffing! A successful night indeed. I had a wonderful time, yes, seeing my roomates astonished that one would serve cheese BEFORE a meal, hollering across the table of 17 like the less than chic american I am, and having a great excuse to play fabulously shitty american oldies at dinner. But there is always something missing when the family isnt together on the holidays. The pumpkin pie tastes different (well probably because it wasnt out of a can), no one else dares to imitate dads elastic pants, no aunt donnas complaining about their pies being runny, not to mention not an ounce of sympathy for the poor semi vegetarian in the room. I missed you last night and your little shot glasses of wine....just thought i would let you know.

love you FOREVER also,

the dolly

Maybe Thanksgiving is about not only being with those you love, but remembering who is missing at the table. My Thanksgiving was a great one indeed, as one the one before in Costa Rica, and the one before in New York. Each year, I gather fond and new memories of sharing the American traditions, bizarre ou pas, with new family and friends gathered around some type of fowl, eating and drinking way too much.(which hopefully and usually leads to true thanksgiving fashion...too much) But as I thanked my new family for being who they are, I begin to realize more and or old, perfect or frayed, you just cant beat the je ne sais quoi about the real thing.

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