Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Its true. I miss my family. Duh. I perpetually miss California, no matter where I am on the globe. Duh, its flippin awesome. I miss my friends. Again duh, they're unbeatable. But alas, I didnt expect this one..... I MISS NEW YORK.

It all came to a culmination this morning, checking my e-mail before an early brunch, I received an email from THE A-rizzle “Ariel” Rosner. It was just a quick hello from New York with a iphone snapshot (what the have an iphone???) of Babycakes, my all time favorite bakery, delivered straight to me in Paris. How cruel! I havent missed New York in a very long time, but I miss it desperately now. And of course, these feelings would undoubtedly start with emotions only a vegan bakery could be responsible for. It made me miss my friends who traded lunches for the vegan sweetness, the brunches, the harshness, the teas, the parties, the non-stop excitement that is like a drug and is always easy to leave, but hard to stay away from. I miss my co-op, English speaking dive bars, Saturday hat outings, running to give friends 5 minutes long hugs au lieu of a bisous, vegan restaurants, and even hipster posers. There is a charming grittiness, a feeling of no one giving a shit but at the same time not fooling anyone about their true agenda, an edge, its own special beauty with a bouquet of ridiculous memories only new york could have produced. Dont get me wrong...I love Paris. For now. But, it could never be home. Its like this grand vacation, where I work, but not really, and was extended because you couldnt possibly end it after a week, or a month. No matter how much NYC could drive me crazy....I want it back so bad. The good times were just too good.

Sometime in January I will drag myself to see “New York, I Love You”, when it will finally reach Paris. I will become even more nostalgic, like anyone always remembering the wonderfulness of a far-removed place, pushing the harder times to an irretrievable space in the mind. Dont get me wrong, I would never...well almost never complain about Paris....but hey Im allowed the miss New York too. Of course its more the people I will always miss from anywhere, but its the place that pushes you a little harder to make things happen. In Paris, I am being shown a new language, art & culture, and how to enjoy one thing for a shitload of time. It tries to show me how to be a lady, but come on, once a Stein always a Stein. New York pushed extremes...California is just simply and always will be home. But New York, I miss you.

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